Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pre Race Assessment

Training mostly done - all indications are I'm right at my peak. Longest was a strong 23 miler. Cut out all speed work since NYCM except for a 10k race and a 10k paced workout once. Other than that all workouts were Tempo pace or slower - but I racked up a lot of mileage at Tempo/MP pace/LR pace(MP+30sec).

Fueling - Trying a 10 day Atkin's type depletion/dieting followed by a 3 day carb loading. I'm really not much of a believer in the depletion as a key to not fading at the end although it might help - I've had strong to the finish races before at a heavier weight so I think I can achieve without that. I'm really going after the concept of reducing the energy REQUIRED to finish the race. Started ~152 last weekend and I'm down ~5 lbs since then - of course I will add back much of that thru carb/hydrating last three days and I feel certain I can get the energy back in to run the race but I will still net I think ~5 lbs less that I would have without it:

5/152=3.2% less weight to carry 26.2 miles = about that much less energy it takes to finish the race.

Mental - I've considered several strategies but for now I am thinking of walking the razor's edge - I figure I don't have anything to loose - I want to run to my limits. I'll use a HRM to keep me in control especially first half but this race will be run hard to the finish. Focus is

Weather - has consistantly looked great - forecast ~40s - thank you marathon gods!

Support - Wife is always biggest cheerleader. Kids kinda want to cheer virtual - I guess after 5 marathons as spectator that can get a little old. Running Club Supporters - Pasta Party Thursday. Formites interested and encouraging - Runago FE planned.

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