Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boston 2010

Call me crazy (ok - I'll do it - your crazy) but with the Marathon looking like it's going to fill up within a few more days and my Boston qualifier race ready to expire (no good for 2011) - I signed up (it so happens to fall this year right on my 43rd Birthday).

5 months away - I am optomistic about my odds to finish - but it most definately will not be a race - to have fun and cross a finishline is all I want at this point.

Prior to signing up I did go get another MRI - my 4th of the year:
1st - 1/2009 - indicated a stress fracture
2nd - 4/2009 - indicated I'd aggrevated the stress fracture adding a crack trying to come back too soon (at the time I could barely walk for a week and feared not just my running carreer but perhaps my walking carreer was over)....advise was to expect 3-6 months to heal.
3rd - 7/2009 - indicated significant improvement (I'd hope so as I'd done nothing at all exersizing since the prior)....but not perfect.
4th - 11/2009 - no indication of any problem whatsoever (Yahoo!!!!).

This doesn't mean I'm ready to go out and run miles and miles and in fact I am only very very slowly pregressing back this time. My schedule which I copied from Kate recovering from the same injury with what appears excellent PT guidance on such things has been something like this:

3 weeks - ~10 miles total split up thru the week - 4 minutes walking, 30 seconds jogging - max ~3 miles at once.
3 weeks - ~12 miles total split up thru the week - 4 minutes walking, 60 seconds jogging - max ~4 miles at once.

I've just finished the above and now I'm moving on to 90 second jogging and a little more mileage.

Add to that a local PT has given me a bunch of strength training to do ~25 minutes per day that I've been doing about a week.

With this there is some soreness in the hip and buttock but with the MRI clear I'm more convinced it is soft tissue stuff that can be rolled out and deminished with the PT.

Its going to be a long road to get to Boston but I'm looking forward to it.