Monday, July 27, 2009

Return to Running.......Attempt #5....on hold

Was planning to take two weeks off and try again - which would have been this last weekend....figured why not make it 3 instead so I'll try next week. I'm kinda reluctant to try as its failed so many times now what I thought I was done with this but I guess I've gotta get out there sometime.

This thing as been very de-masculating.....I used to pride myself at pushing to the limits thru the little and sometimes not so little pains of running and went 3 years solid without more than maybe a week off due to injury. Now going on 9 months off for something that has barely even been very painful (the word "pain" is a gross exageration) for much of any of it (except for a week in April). Now the very slightest hint of maybe kinda sorta something and I'm heading for the couch.....I so much preferred the prior near indestructable self image...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nope - not yet

Very slight bit of soreness at the sfx site as I awoke this morning - I wasn't even positive I might be imagining it but after about 10 steps into starting a run and still feeling - well - I'm going to follow a 2 week off protocol and try again.

kinda feels like I got to eat two chips out of the bag and now I have to stop ... better that than start another 3 months off like last time ...... I just want to run - this is taking FOREVER :( ....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Beginnings

Day 2 of running. Yesterday and today I ran around the block (0.7 miles). A glorious run - longest (actually only runs) I've had in over 3 months. No pains whatsoever.....

7/2 MRI results (received yesterday):
"This examination was compared with the patient's previous study performed on 4/13/09. Mild marrow edema is seen in the right side of the sacral ala. This is significantly less pronounced when compared to the patient's previous MRI."

Dr's response - was - ok to try to run a little - let pain be guide - or alternatively to be absolutely sure all healed wait another 4-6 weeks. Decided to give plan "A" a try.