Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is getting really old........

Rehashing my history again....

Last "Real" run.....11/16/2008 - San Antonio Marathon

Rest Breaks and attempts to come back:

1st - 12/28 - 2 weeks off
2nd - 2/2 - 4 weeks off (some swimming) - attempt up to 3 miles then uncomfortable so stopped
3rd - 3/18 - 5.5 weeks since 2nd (lots of biking some swimming) - attempt up to 5 miles - re-sfx'd worse than ever before - clock starts over.
4th - 7/11 - 15 weeks since 3rd (no biking or swimming) - very short (.6 mile) test runs - slight soreness next day.
5th - 8/1 - 18 weeks since 3rd (some swimming) - still counting from 3rd as 4th I don't think really re-aggravated......slowly progressed thru the month totalling ~60 miles for the month maxing out at 7 miles with a walk break in the middle. A little sourness but seemed to be getting better but then seemed to be getting worse so stopped again 9/2...

..pain initially wasn't quite in the right place - lower in the glut - maybe at SI or piriphormis......but after some days the soreness started again back higher where the SFX was. I tried a weekend of biking (30,55 milers) then it seemed sore again for a few days. I recently switched to pool running ~20-30 minutes a day but now that seems to be making the soreness increase too so I guess I'll stop doing that......I'd really like to get some fitness back but it seems whatever I try is just going to extend my outage.....

Still looking for something that can get me some general fitness - not sure what to try next.

Now the question at hand - when to plan for Attempt #6 ... 18 weeks last time wasn't enough but I don't think I'm as bad off as I was at the end of March - do I count from my last run, my biking or my pool running - I guess since I'm as sore now as I was at my last run I should count from now so 9/17 + 18 weeks = makes January 14th - yikes that a long time away ... this is really really getting old :<.

Guess I'll go do another round with the doctors to see if they can give me other options..