Sunday, September 19, 2010

California International Marathon - December 5th - Hometown Marathon

Reviewing the course:

Start - Folsom-Auburn Rd - road though there on my bike in high school many many times. The branch to the Folsom Dam Rd. just up the road was called "That Dam Road" several times as I'd drop into the lowest gear and slowly climb to the dam.

Mile 5 - Turn onto Fair Oaks Blvd - Fair Oaks was the city name on my return address from 5th grade through 12th.

Mile 8 - cross Madison Ave and past the library I'd sneak off to to skip Sunday School - then pass the Church we went to(or skipped as the case may be) growing up.

Mile 9 - just crossed Sunset Ave on Fair Oaks Blvd - 2 streets over was my house growing up near Sunrise Blvd and Sunset Ave intersection.

Mile 11 - just crossed Sunrise Blvd and climbed the little hill up to the RiverRat where several rafts were rented to go down the river (I became an expert at Donkey Kong at that riverrat as a friend figured out how to play that game for free). Also crossed Pennsylvania Avenue which is used to get down to the river - this was my high school coaches favorate place to have a hard hill workout - that was one steep hill.

Mile 12 - cross San Juan Ave - the end of that street was San Juan rapids - a favorite hang-out by the river.

Mile 21 - Will Fair Oaks Blvd never end....finally does - passed Arden Way, Watt Ave, Fulton Ave, Howe - familiar street names.

Mile 26.2 - right to the California Capital Building.

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