Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 HARRA Cross Country Relay

4x2 miles per leg along the bayou. A cross country course relatively flat on the first mile but very hilly with even some very steep parts on the second mile. A fun event with all the local talent I haven't seen in a while with some new talent that wasn't around back a couple years ago when I was racing local last. I raced this a couple years ago. Last time out I managed splits of 5:26/5:44 for a 11:10 total. This time I managed splits of 5:33/5:58 for a total 11:29 - 2.8% slower. Not bad although I didn't feel like I was really pushing my hardest 2nd mile so maybe a little more fuel in the tank.

I had anchor leg and pretty much just held my position from start to finish. There wasn't anyone to chase down except those getting lapped - but I still pushed it pretty well. In the end we got 3rd place Masters with a time of 49:45. 1st and 2nd were only 4 seconds apart around 47:xx. Nice to know me and 3 clones would have got the Masters title and 3rd overall - appears I'm still reasonably competitive among the Masters of today - although there sure seem to be several fast ones around.

Results - we were Hs Mens Master - (Hs=Houston Striders)


Leo Wang said...

Congratulations Kayry! I forgot how I stumbled across your blog 1-2 years ago and was quite amazed by your achievement at the time. I checked back to read a few times. I am now 37, coincidentally similar to the age you started back running. Reading your blog inspired me to keep up my running and see how far/fast I can go.

kayry said...

Thanks Leo - hope you keep going farther/faster - definately 37 isn't over the hill as I kinda thought when I started out - these older legs can still get movin.