Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fueling for a Marathon

Ok - I've had this question 3 times now so I figured I'd just write down my answer to make it easier to reply next time :-).

How do I fuel for a marathon.

I've tweaked my fueling strategy with each marathon but actually for Marathon #10 (San Antonio) I've got no new things I thought of to do better so I would plan to do exactly the same thing at the next race:

Pre-race plan...

Cut all Caffeine for 7 days (to increase the impact of it on raceday - also helps sleeping).
Turbo Charge Run Three days Out (skip to the bottom of this if interested on what I did for this - probably not a good idea to try something you haven't tested in training).
Minimum Protein/Fat for Th/F/Sat - targetting >75% calories from Carbs. Short easy runs on F/S with meal right after - best time to load the muscles - right after exercise.
Hydrate - target clear urine on race day - but don't over do it as too much washes away electrolytes.
Pretzels - carry a bag around on Saturday to munch on to help increase electrolytes.
Dinner - finish 14 hours before race start-time - pasta dinner is my typical.
Keep hydrating until bed.
Awake 3 hours from start-time - 5 minute slow jog (optional) followed by 2x16 oz Ultra Fuel (200g Carb, 800 Calories) - I used to do 4 hours and more Ultrafuel but I've cut to this for last two races without regrets so I'll stick with it.
Airborne - to try to pre-empt the tendency to get sick after a race.
45-60 minutes pre-race - cup of coffee.
10 minutes pre-race - 12 oz PowerAid with 2 S-Caps (I tried 16 oz at Anchorage and had some minor cramps first couple miles, 12 oz at San Antonio and no problems)...
Mile 5 - GU
Mile 10,15,20 - Caffenated GU
Hit all aid stations - drink energy drink if mouth is not sweet (from the GU) and hit water if it is - I get what I can without slowing - much ends up spilt.
Finish - 2xEnsure waiting for me in the bag I checked - down them when I get the bag to help recovery.....get in warm cloths quick...

That is all - fwiw....

Good luck out there guys!!!

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