Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 look ahead - a new direction

Time for a new frontier - marathoning has been my goal/quest for 3 years now. Time for something new.

The next Quest --- I want to finish a strong ironman - possibly this year (if I can get into one) or at least be conditioned ready this year.

No clue whatsoever how to achieve the goal but that's what I want to do next so I'm going to figure it out.

This last week I've collected some baseline data on my abilities - I've got a long way to go. Appears my steady state paces for the two sports I need to go learn are:

Swimming - ~60-70 seconds per 50 meter
Biking - ~17-18 mph (on my son's schwinn - I guess I need to go get a bike).

Looking at what it takes to get a KQ (Qualifying time to Hawaii) looks like I need closer to 21-22 mph on the bike (for 112 miles) and 60-70 seconds per 100 meter swim (for 2.4 miles)....I've got some major work to do....looking forward to the new journey...

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