Monday, November 17, 2008

San Antonio Marathon Results

I'll come back and make a race report but for now - just the results:

Time 2:39:23 (PR by 1:23) (VDOT 61.7 - also a PR of any distance)
Pace 6:05 minutes per mile
Place 17th/7526
Gender Place 14/4015
Age Grade 81% (Nationally Rated)
Division Place 2nd

Prizes -
1st Place Master $500 (based on gun time - would have been 2nd $250 if based on chip time)*
Texas Showdown Place 4th (prizes stop at 3rd by the guy in 16th place 1 minute ahead of me who collected the $500)
6th USA (prizes stop at 5th also by that 16th place guy who collects $200)

Awards -
2nd Place Age Group (based on chip time)

* A bit of a hollow victory here - I won this on a technicality as it goes by gun time. Wilmer Bustillos actually beat me by 3 minutes Chip Time through a ton of traffic apparently starting the race 15 minutes after me and weaving thru crowds of people - very impressive as a Master on what appears to be his debut marathon - at least the first marathon I can find on record - he's been beating me quite handily in shorter races and I kinda hoped he wouldn't move up to the marathon.

I happened to notice Wilmer is signed up for Houston although the website doesn't say which race - if the marathon - there is high probability of him making roadkill out of me.

So I get a free race - very cool - as the $500 about equals the hotel and other travel expenses.


Gavin Boyles said...

Congratulations, kayry!! Very impressed at your ability to run so many quality marathons in so little time! HOpe to see you at a race sometime - perhaps Boston '09?

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on a great run. Rest up to defend your title in January as you now have an even bigger target on your back.:-)

Tuan said...


You'll notice that Bustillos and Mora's entries on the CHM confirmation database say "Transferred".

Short of e-mailing Steve Karpas, who I had a good conversation with at the starting line yesterday, my guess is that Wilmer and Gerardo bought an entry and then once they won a local invited runner spot, the status was changed.

Since you and Nancy Prejean, for example, won your spots at last year's marathon, there was never a need for any of you eight (8) to sign up.

One more item for the mix, though. Suzanne Day, who won her spot at the 10-Miler, is still listed as "Marathon".

So .. who knows for sure?

And well done on Sunday!


kayry said...

Thanks Sparky - not sure yet about Boston '09. I've set a target to be a Master's Elite at Boston which is going to require me to knock off a pretty big chunck of time at Houston - not impossible but all must go perfect. If I don't achieve I'm not sure I'm doing Boston next year.

How's the legs - are you running again - good luck on your sub2:40 quest. Amazing how nice it feels to get it.

kayry said...

Hey Tuan - Thanks - Houston will certainly be something - before San Antonio I was wondering how much I wanted to fight for a good Houston so close - but I'm starting to get fired up about the idea of targetting the perfect race in Houston. I have a couple opportunity areas to improve from San Antonio I just need the motivation to go after them. I'm starting to feel that motivation rise up.

kayry said...

Hey Jon - thanks for checking - sounds like you have same info I found on Wilmer. I just got the email for invited local elite last week and signed up for Houston Marathon on Monday - I'm guessing Wilmer and Gerardo probably got theirs invites same time - I don't show on the Confirm Registration yet - guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Good seeing you before the race - hope you had a good race - Good luck in Dallas - I'm pretty amazed the line-up of Marathons your running - sounds like 1 or more per month!