Thursday, November 6, 2008

Health Check

Cholesterol check at work today - indicates one of the many nice byproducts of being physically active:

.....................Mar 06 May 08 Nov 08...Norm..Optimal
Good Cholesterol(HDL)...52......64......72....>40......>60
Bad Cholesterol(LDL)...151.....105......71....<129.....<100
Total Cholesterol......229.....180.....157....<200


Diet has still not much improved as I live off still about 1/2 my meal eating out - with much of that fast food.


Neeraj Rohilla said...

Hi John,
Good luck for your San Antonio marathon.

Would you considering writing a post about diet/food in the week leading to marathon.

I noticed something very peculiar during my HMSA 25K. I am a thin guy 5"6' (122 lbs) plus I don't like to eat very much and I am a vegetarian. I have many times felt as if I am running out of gas in my long runs.

So, for my 25 K, I ate more than I usually do during the week. On Saturday I had a generous lunch and in the evening had a footlong subway sandwich.

I also used 1 Gu gel pack at 5:45 am, another at 6:45 am and two during the course of run. I never felt out of gas and I ran pretty strong. Infact, my three lap times were successively faster with a very strong finish (43.00, 40:16, 38:28) with 2:01:44. This is definitely some improvement considering my past races:
Houston Half marathon 2008 (1:53:54)
Bayou City Classic 10k (0:48:12)

I am running my first marathon in January in Houston and now the target time of 3:40 may be within sight if I keep training hard.

kayry said...

Congrats on your race - must be great to run faster and faster with each lap - suggest to me you've got more in you than you think.....3:40 looks very promising - even 3:30 doesn't look outside the realm of possibility.

I put a post up about how I fuel for races....I may not get to it right away so the cliffnotes version is:

- 3 day carb load (~70-80% carb calories without increasing food quantity).
- T -14 hours from gun - finish my dinner night before - no more solid food.
- T -3 hours - 2 x 16 oz of Ultra Fuel - finish within an hour (find with a google search) - 100g Carbs in each 16 oz - so this gets me 800 calories.
- T -10 minutes - 10 oz Poweraid
- Race - GU at miles 5, 10, 15, 20 with an extra than I've never been able to get down. As much Water/Energy drink as I can get from the aid stations - if my mouth is sweet - from the gu - I go for water, otherwise energy drink.

So all that gives me about 800 cal UltraFuel, 400 cal GU, ~200 cal Energy Drink - 1400 cal - enough to run 10 miles or so. Many get by with MUCH less and do fine but I cut this down to 1 UltraFuel at Boston and without the pre-race drink and felt like I cut too far so this seems the right balance for me.

Neeraj Rohilla said...

Hi John
Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback.

Congratulations for your marathon PR. You finally got it under 2:40.


kayry said...

Thanks neeraj -

Finally is right - I'm sure I've had this in me since Spring but could never pull it together - nice to finally get-r-done.