Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hill Training - Inside Texas Running


A very well done article in the Inside Texas Running Magazine - thanks for writing and submitting it - you write so much better than me. I was running Sunday and I had a few people on the trails tell me I was famous - I had kinda figured the idea of a story was dropped so it was a pleasant surprize to see you went ahead with it. I went by a running store last night and picked up the magazine to read it (my normal delivery must have got lost in the mail). I've read it a couple times and it's like reliving the last few exciting years over again which was fun. I never seem to like pictures of myself but both my wife and daughter liked the picture you chose - I may have to go order that one :-). Catchy title too.

Thanks again!



A couple minor fact corrections that make no different whatsoever but I feel the need to correct. They were both my fault as they originated from my answers to you in the interview.
- My second marathon time was 5 minutes, not 10 minutes better than required to quality for Boston unless I had been 3 days older it would have been 10 minutes as my 40th birthday was a few days later - I looked that up later and realized my mistake.
- My non-running life gap from high school to my adult on-set athlete was 38-18=20 years - not sure how I came up with 15 years before.

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John, Edwin is a heckuva writer and I'm glad that he's able to contribute to our Footprints product for HARRA.

Your success - and subsequent recognition - has been earned and is well-deserved and I know that it makes it easier for writers like ourselves to do a good job.

With the lead time that we have, it is easy sometimes to forget about the stories. I'm working, for example, a little behind on material for the October edition. (I drive my editor, Lance Phegley, crazy; however, I think we put out good material in Footprints.)

Thank you for publicly recognizing Edwin on your blog. He's well deserving of the compliment!

Best wishes this upcoming Fall and winter racing season.

Jon Walk
HARRA Footprints Editor

equarles said...

wow...thanks. As I was writing I couldn't help but be tremendously impressed with your accomplishments. I hope your story inspires others. thanks, and it was a privilege for me to write about you.