Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bellaire Trolley Run 5K

Call it insanity, maybe stupidity, maybe gutsy - I ran a 5k race yesterday - just 16 days before my goal race of the Boston Marathon. Why did I do this:

- Make-up for a bailed VO2max workout I attempted Wednesday but only made it 1/2 way thru.
- Get my 3rd race in the HARRA Spring Series so I can get ranked in the Runner of the Season competition (Were talking serious money - $60-$70 bucks for my likely 5th or 6th place in my age group :-) ).
- Knock out a sub17 5k - not sure when I'll be back to current fitness post Boston so I figured it would be months before I'd get another opportunity.
- Fine tune my mental toughness a little thru the pain of a 5k (extreme torture for a marathoner).

So I ran the race - got 16:55 (33 second PR!). Splits were 5:15, 5:24, 5:37 and a 4:56 pace for the final .13 per my Garmin. Got me 2nd place for my age group 12th overall and a cool little trolley music box that winds up and plays "I left my heart in San Fransisco".

So I got my sub-17, a good VO2max workout spending about 1.5 miles >93% maxHR - but most important - I did not get hurt - that was my biggest worry. I had some visions of at least matching my Houston Marathon VDOT - maybe even beating it by a bit - but I fell short of that as you can see from the PRs on the right - but quite frankly I'm glad I didn't push it harder as I really do need to save my legs for Boston. I have been convinced yet again the 5k race IS a torture session for a marathoner - but at least it's over with quick.

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Steeeve said...

Joh, a trolley is one of the coveted pieces of hardware in Houston because they're cool and the competition is fierce. Well done and congratulations!

kayry said...

Steeeve - thanks - there definately were a lot of fast guys out there Sunday. The trolley is pretty cool.

Wonderduck said...

DadgumfantasticicallyFAST race. I think a quick 5k is just what the doctor ordered for Boston. You will remember it well at the top of heartbreak when you are ready to go screaming on in to Boston!

kayry said...

Thanks wonderduck... (Love that Boston Picture btw). I guess I wasn't the only crazy one out there racing before Boston. Good luck - maybe I'll catch you at the trials or tennis courts.