Saturday, March 29, 2008

Law Week Fun Run 8k

Law Week Fun Run 8k – Start 71F 90% humidity (yuck!) 483 finishers.

1 5:21 159 5th place – I went out a little too fast
2 5:44 173 couple guys pass me as I slow – 7th
3 5:54 174 couple more guys pass me – 9th
4 6:08 174 maintain position – 3 mile marker is at the bottom of a hill so this mile is slowed by the hill at the beginning.
4.97 5:50(6:00 pace) 177

Finish – 28:57 9th place overall 2nd for my age group. 38 second PR for the distance, 2:14 faster than same race 1 year ago (about the same weather).

Not a well executed race overall – I compared it to the same race a year ago and I kept my heartrate ~3-4 bpm higher last year which suggests I should have gone ~50-60 seconds faster for the race for the same guts as I put in last year. I was not at all excited about running the humid weather and as much as I wanted to be psyched to do my best – somewhere after mile 1 – I had difficulty maintaining the motivation. In hindsight I think I should have run by heartrate instead of targeting splits as I was just unsure how to adjust my pace for the weather – I seem to run faster by heartrate and ignoring the splits until the finish but for some reason I convinced myself to run this race targeting milemarker splits – didn’t work.

But the race was fun – met several fellow Striders – a running club I joined a month or so back but haven’t done much with as of yet. I find myself becoming known for the somewhat analytical blog :-) even by people I haven’t met before.

I did try heat acclimating for 2 days as prep for this race hoping for a colder race (ran in sweats 13 miles on Thurday and 7 on Friday), but with the heat of the race there is no way to tell if it did any good. Sure wish I could get a cold day to see the impact but I don’t see one in the forecast anytime before next weekend.

3 weeks to Boston - getting pretty excited!!


Anonymous said...

when and where are race results posted.

kayry said...

I don't know - I've searched but can't find on the web. I saw my results posted at the race.

Day Dreamer said...

Solid time, even with splits that disappointed you. Running definitely teaches us to take the good with the bad, but sub-29 is nothing to sneeze at all.

A 38-second PR is awesome. Keep up the great work, and good luck in gearing up for Boston.