Tuesday, May 17, 2011


and today's daily weather obsessing forecast for Ironman Texas is about right in line with what you'd expect here this time of year:

7am (swim start) 74°F with 93% Humidity (dewpoint temp 72°F) with a 7 mph wind from the south and 77% sky cover.
3pm (run start) 90°F (Heat Index 97°F) with 52% Humidity (dewpoint temp 70°F) with a 13 mph wind from the south and 43% sky cover.
6pm (finish) 88°F with 57% Humidity (dewpoint temp 71°F) with a 13 mph wind from the SSE and 43% sky cover.

As it happens - this forecast if it holds would be the 2nd hottest average Hi/Lo of the year so far.

Many ironman races have extra challenges because going 140.6 miles just isn't hard enough for this insane group of competitors. Some have hills, some have waves through ocean swims - IMTX has heat - quite possible this race will go into the record books as the greatest ironman challenge of all times (what the hell do I know - it could be). As quoted from one of my favorite kids movies The Monsters: "Now is officially the time to PANIC!!!!".

I've got about ever symptom of taper madness I've ever felt from the last 12 marathons wrapped all together in one. One in particular I recall before Boston 2007 with forecasts of icy rain and strong headwind - nerveous yes - but fired me up for my first Boston Marathon - to not just run my first Boston - but to run one that would go into the history books as the epic Boston - year of the NorEaster was like a battle cry that jazzed me up. This hot ironman has a similar excitement about it.

On the other hand I'm terrified - I have recently come to the conclusion I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I've been so focussed on learning two new sports I didn't know how to do all that well that I completely took for granted perhaps the most important sporting event of all - the pigging out event. As I just now started hanging out on a triathlon forum (slowtwitch) I'm finding I am so clueless. I'm copying all I can from the fast guys I'm finding over there into a race strategy but so much of it must be untested and new on raceday that there is major risk. But I can't go with what I've tested because frankly - I haven't tested much of anything in the pigging out while riding or running department - so I'll be going based on the experience of those who have and hope for the best.

This is going to be one majorly HARD event - and I'm excited as hell - come on lucky marathon number 13.


Bill Blancett said...


Now you got me all nervous. You're right, this is a major undertaking and it takes guts for an established running guy such as yourself to put yourself out there in an event like this. Have fun and be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

Hi John
I will be nasty and remind you that on Saturday you could have been on the winning Master team for Beach To Bay relay...!
Instead, you chose to break open a new frontier...
Best of luck with your great adventure! Every second you will be one more yard away from the start line...!
I hope that next week we will have some beers with you and hear your crazy story...!!!