Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Rocky IV Treadmill Run

15 miles on the treadmill while watching Rocky IV. I was only planning to run a constant 8.5 - but then the inspiring music comes along....40 minutes in getting up to 10.5, 2nd at around 55 minutes in --- I couldn't go fast enough as Rocky ran to the top of the mountain - maxed the treadmill out at 12 --- 1:15 in the fight starts - gets a few round in - the pace is up into 11+ and --- blow a circuit. Trip breaker and get going again - fast forward to the final fight and get going but its about done so I go back to the mountain climbing scene - 12 wasn't fast enough - had to add a 3% incline and maxed the HR up to 181 - pretty darn close to Max HR....cooled down back at 8.5 for last mile or so......what a awesome workout:

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kanny said...

I'll call this run legitimate only if you grunted like Drago when he got to the highest grade on his treadmill.