Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next up....

My first Tri:

· 1.2 mile open water lake swim. Wave starts (approximately 100 per wave), rectangular course counter clockwise, entry at beach area and exit on cement boat dock area, within 20 yards of the transition area. Swim cutoff time is 75 minutes.
· Note: The water temperature in Buffalo Springs Lake, on the average, is 70-74 degrees (even during the 113 degree day of 1994 the water temperature was never over 74 degrees). It is a spring fed lake so it stays cool.

· 56 miles, modified out and back, out of town farm to market roads, limited traffic, flat with 8 challenging hills, ranging from 2.9% - 8.9% grade and a quarter of a mile to 1.2 miles in length. These are good asphalt roads with some shoulders.

· 13.1 miles, asphalt, flat with 3 challenging hills, ranging from 6.4% - 7.6%(not the same hills as found on the bike course) grade. The hills are approximately 300 yards to 880 yards in length. Partially shaded, tough, scenic course.


Sam said...

Awesome. Triathlons are so cool...I aspire to do one when my marathoning days have concluded. That's really cool that you've put that out there for yourself.

Will be fun watching the progress.

JunieB said...

wow. most people dont do a 1/2 Ironman for their first tri.


joven said...

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