Monday, March 23, 2009

Cycling Update

Things are coming along in cycling - seeing some good improvement as seen in a little table below of my longer rides:

Date Miles Speed HR Wind Group/Alone
22-Mar 47.1 17.8 149 5.8 Alone
21-Mar 56.5 20.9 153 4.5 Group
8-Mar 46.4 18.4 158 4.6 Alone
1-Mar 36.4 15.7 155 19.6 Alone
28-Feb 47.6 16.4 XXX 18.7 Group
21-Feb 54.6 16.0 164 10.4 Alone

Nice to see the average HR dropping while the speed is increasing. I think last Saturday's 21 mph ride might have had some extra benefits from altitude training as I ski'd, biked and even ran a little in Colorado Rockies most of last week.

For Running - I've just started gingerly back into that - up to 2.6 miles before the bikeride yesterday - hopefully injury is in the past. Lots of little aches and pains as I get started again that I expect will die away after a couple weeks. I tried a to go around the block after the bikeride on Saturday too - that running after a bike ride thing is going to take some getting used to - the legs don't like that - gave up on that pretty quickly - I'll have to work on that transition...

Next up - Lone Star 1/4 Ironman April 5th -- more just to go thru the motions of it all than to "race". This will probably be my first open water swim....somehow have to get the images of jelly fish and sharks out of my head :).


Neeraj Rohilla said...

Good job on biking and good luck for 1/4 Ironman.

When do you expect to be back into racing again? I didn't see your name at Bayou City Classic. The weather was awesome, you must have loved it.


kayry said...

Don't know about when racing again - depends on how the ramping back up goes - seems many have setbacks starting back up again. Taking the ramp up slow and easy - although I do have my sights on a Fall Marathon (Amsterdam) but I haven't signed up yet.