Friday, December 5, 2008

Very Nice Momentos

A couple very nice honors as a result of my run at the San Antonio Marathon:

The 2+Age Marathon Moose Mug Challenge by Ray (rbbmoose) on the Running Times Forum THANKS RAY !!

ps - It took me several beers to finally get this picture to my satisfaction but rest assured - no beer was wasted in the making of this photo :).

Houston Striders Award (apparently also a Master's Club Record) - THANKS Striders!!


Neeraj Rohilla said...

Congrats John,
That beer mug looks great and so does the thick beer.

I see an empirical relationship between my reading your blog and faster speeds in my runs. So, I will keep reading... :-)

Gaslight ;-) said...

So...are you going to explain the Moose Challenge, or is it already buried someplace in your blog? Anything involving beer potentially interests me, as you may have guessed.

quing! (my word verification. I thought it was funny)

kayry said...

The Moose Challenge is a challenge a guy named Ray put out to some people on the Running Times Magazine's website - on the website he goes by rbbmoose (no idea why) so he's called the challenge the Moose Challenge. The challenge is to go sub2+age - so since I'm 41 that is sub 2:41 so I earned a mug.

There are 4 mugs in existance at this point - Ray - at 48 - holds the largest gap with a couple 2:42 marathons. John (irunforbeer) at 50 runs 2:46 and Barkeep at 50 also runs 2:46 - now I've joined the group with my 2:39 at age 41.

If you click the link at the start of the post and scroll thru the thread you can see pictures of the 4 mugs.

kayry said...

Neeraj - you'll have to send me a chart of this empirical relationship - I'll be sure to post it... :).

Neeraj Rohilla said...

For latest,
I ran Rice Owls 5k this Saturday in 20:44.2. Which is my first sub 7 mpm race.

My other races in past were 25k in 2:01:43, 2 mile cross country in 14:28, 10k in 48:12, half marathon in 1:53:53, 2 mile cross country in 16:00 (most recent first).

I started reading your blog after my half marathon last year, :-) So there is a correlation, :-)

Gaslight ;-) said...

"quing" was my word verification when I posted. It amuses me when they phonetically correct. Sorry, English teacher thing.

kayry said...

Watch out - I've been known to drive english teachers mad...glad there is no grading system here..