Thursday, July 3, 2008

Next - US Masters Marathon Championship

Question to Recruiter:

I'd like to be considered for the US masters marathon championships. I'm 41 and I won the master's title at the Houston Marathon in 2008 with a 2:40:46. Last weekend I ran Mayor's Anchorage Marathon in 2:43:56 (probably a 2:38-39 equivalent on a flat course). Let me know if these are good enough times to qualify to compete at TCM in the US Master's Championships.


The qualifying time for men 40-44 is 2:40 so yes, we'd be happy to include you in the elite field this year. Here is the link for your comp elite entry.

Yesssssss - I'm going to Twin City Marathon - October 5th 2008 - Never competed Nationally before - and to line up as an elite is an honor I've never had either (comp'd entry is pretty cool too) - really looking forward to it.

I do have flashbacks to high school where I barely made the cut into a race and ended up finishing last place - but I just felt great to be in the race - and it was my PR mile (4:28) as I recall.


Anonymous said...

Great job John. I can see the big smile on your face right now.

Steeeve said...

Very cool, congratulations!

equarles said...


Can I get your email address for a story for ITR?

Edwin Quarles

kayry said...

Thanks Anonymous/steeve - I was initially very excited but as things have developed I'm having second thoughts. Between Houston's training heat and wanting my wife/kids to be a part of it making the weekend get-a-way pretty expensive - I'm switching my focus to SAM (San Antonio Marathon).

kayry said...

Edwin - you can email me at