Sunday, June 8, 2008

PR Running Last Sunday

I was just reflecting on last Sunday's 20 miler run and realized I set PRs in every distance from the 5k to the 30k on that run:

-----PR-----Fastest in that 20 miler----Seconds off PR
5k---16:55---16:50 (miles 16-18)------5
8k---28:57---27:07 (miles 16-20)------110
10k--35:11---34:24 (miles 15-20)------47
10M-1:05----57:22 (miles 11-20)------442
1/2--1:18:11-1:16:24(miles 8-20)-------107
30k--1:58---1:50:51 (miles 2-20)-------429

That was one incredible workout on reflection considering it was not a race effort. I was getting a little skeptical of my treadmill speed so doublechecked everyting - I checked calibrations again while running on it - right on - also checked the angle and found a 1/8" downhill per 4 foot (sits on carpet so the heavier front is sinking a little more) or 275' drop over 20 miles - translates to a 2 second per mile benefit in the 20 miles. Per VDOT 70°F gives me a 5 sec per mile debit vs less than 60°F. Lack of wind resistance (entered as a 10 mph tailwind) gives me a 23 second per mile benefit - so net vs outside should be 23-5+2 - 19 sec/mile easier on the treadmill vs outside. So instead of 6:00 mpm average it was more like 6:19 average and the MP miles averaged more like 5:46 instead of 5:27 - but still - I'm quite happy with that pace and hope I can get anywhere near it on race day.

I did my last longrun today - 17 miles with the last 5 at MP (~161-162 HR) and first 12 at E (~150 HR). It went almost identical to the 20 miler last week for a total average of 6:04. I was currious to see if I could de-acclimate to the heat (treadmill running S-Th in cooled down house - I did not have the extra speed vs HR on any of these runs) than do a one day acclimation (F - 12 miles Hot/Humid ~7 mpm - mostly Easy although pushed a couple of the miles), Easy Sat (6TM) than see if the speed would show up again on Sunday - worked like a charm. A couple times before I've been less successful making this turbo-charge show up on demand but I think the difference now is the extra focus on hydration between Friday and Sunday.

See if I can make it work for Anchorage on 6/21.

Picture of Anchorage:


Steeeve said...


Looks like mid 2:30's wins Anchorage, and mid 2:40's wins mens masters.

Will you be "just running", running for a PR, running for a best possible result, or racing for a position?

Course does not look easy - 400 feet up in the first half, 600 feet down in the second half.

We were in Anchorage last June and the weather was pleasant, but warmer than I personally would prefer for a marathon - Anchorage actually has a summer!

kayry said...

Hey steeeve,

Master's is off the table for Anchorage as it requires 45+ not 40+ like every other race I've ever heard of.

I plan to put it all out there and see what I can do. There is a large section about 8 miles in the middle of the race on a hilly trail that will definately slow me down a few minutes I'm guessing - and there is always the chance of a moose out walking the trail that might require some caution. I think a PR is possible based on my training speeds but its difficult to know how treadmill speeds will really translate to the speed on the road so I'll be a bit flexible to how it feels and how fast my heart is racing. Placing top 3 is also possible depending on who shows up of course. At least an AG award is a must.

Weather I'm hopeful will be good. The historical for June 21st is average high 63°F low 48°F with record high 75°F (1921) and record low 39°F (1988). 10 day out forecast has the low every day sitting around 50 so I'm hopeful low 50s is 8am starting temperature with finish below 60. Some drizzle in the race is probably even odds of clear or rainy - but I think the rain there is not like Houston downpour - more of a drizzle typically. It's absolutely beautiful up there on a clear day - of the 4-5 times I've been up there - the clear days have been few - usually cloud cover.